4 March, 2024
Reservations Online

Use the online reservations form to check rooms availability, prices and make your reservation.

The room reservation is valid only with a payment in advance in the bank account during 24 hour from your online reservation. You should also send the deposit receipt by email or the receipt code by sms.

Contact Details
E-mail: info@kalntera.com
Telephone: +30 6976 465 986
+30 2377 051 058
Online Reservation
  OnLine Booking  
Room Facilities
Balcony or veranda
fast, wireless access to the internet
air conditioning unit
fridge or mini-bar (mini-bar is provided at your request)
Correspondence envelope
Cooking utensils and appliance
Coffee maker,  coffee bags, tea and sugar

* We provide beds for kids and extra beds at your request
* Pets are not allowed in the hotel facilities

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